Top Choice Church in Wrocław

Church of St Mary Magdalene

One block east of the Rynek is this mighty Gothic redbrick building dating from the 14th century. Its showpiece is a copy of a Romanesque portal from around 1280 on the south wall, which originally adorned the Bened…
Top Choice University in Wrocław

University of Wrocław

The main edifice of the University of Wrocław was built between 1728 and 1742. Enter through the grand blue and gold Rococo gate at the western end to start exploring. The university sits within the university quart…
Top Choice Museum in Wrocław

Panorama of Racławice

Wrocław’s pride and joy is this giant painting of the battle for Polish independence fought at Racławice on 4 April 1794, between the Polish army led by Tadeusz Kościuszko and Russian troops under General Alexander …
Top Choice Historic Building in Wrocław

Hansel & Gretel

Set in the northwestern corner of the Rynek are two charming houses named after Jaś i Małgosia, who English and German speakers know better as Hansel and Gretel. They’re linked by a Baroque archway from 1728, which …
Top Choice Historic Building in Wrocław

Old Town Hall

This grand edifice took almost two centuries (1327–1504) to complete, and work on the 66m-high tower and decoration continued for another century.The eastern facade reflects three distinct stages of the town hall’s …
Museum in Wrocław

Archaeological Museum

Alongside the Military Museum, the squat brick Arsenal (just outside the ring road encircling the Old Town) houses the Archaeological Museum, showcasing the history of the region, up to the present.
Architecture in Wrocław

Aula Leopoldinum

Found on the 1st floor of the main edifice of the University of Wrocław. Embellished with elaborate stuccowork, sculptures, paintings and a trompe l'oeil ceiling fresco, it's the city's best Baroque interior. The mo…
Gardens in Wrocław

Botanical Gardens

Cathedral Island contains the city’s Botanical Gardens, a charming patch of greenery with palm houses. They make a nice change of pace when you’ve had enough of bricks and mortar – sacred or otherwise.
Church in Wrocław

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

The centrepiece of Cathedral Island, this three-aisled Gothic basilica was built between 1244 and 1590. Seriously damaged during WWII, it was reconstructed in its previous Gothic form, complete with dragon guttering…
Church in Wrocław

Church of St Elizabeth

This monumental Gothic brick church features an 83m-high tower. Climb the 300-plus steps in the narrow stairwell for a great view of Wrocław.