Welcome to Wigry National Park

Access is easiest from the Suwałki–Sejny road, which crosses the northern part of the park. The park headquarters are on this road in Krzywe, which is 5km from Suwałki.

There are marked trails throughout the park, leading to some truly remote corners. The Wigierski Park Narodowy map (available at the park headquarters for 10zł) shows all the necessary detail.

The park's attractions are not restricted to nature. Spectacularly located on a peninsula in the lake, in the village of Wigry, is a former Camaldolese monastery, built by the death-obsessed Camaldolese monks soon after they were brought to Wigry by King Jan II Kazimierz Waza in 1667. The whole complex, complete with a church and 17 hermitages, was originally on an island, which was later connected to the shore. It has now been turned into a hotel and restaurant, providing an atmospheric base for exploring the park.

Train lovers can get a fix riding the narrow-gauge train that skirts the southern fringes of the park from Płociczno-Tartak to Krusznik. The trip takes about 2½ hours, passing through lush forest and providing views of Lake Wigry.

There's also the Wigry Museum in the village of Stary Folwark, with exhibitions on the flora and fauna to be found in the park and lake.

The little village of Wigry is arguably the most atmospheric place to stay overnight, with the first choice being the former monastery, Pokamedulski Klasztor w Wigrach. Outside the monastery there are smaller guesthouses. U Haliny is a friendly homestay with an onsite camping ground.

The Suwałki–Sejny road is serviced by regular buses. If you want to go directly to the monastery, take the daily bus to Wigry, which departs Suwałki at 3.45pm (1¾ hours, 21zł).

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