Diabeł Wenecki

Boating in Wielkopolska

A nice thing to do while visiting the Archaeological Reserve in Biskupin is to jump on this pleasure boat, which departs for a short trip around the lake from the wharf near the gateway. It leaves every 30 minutes, or when it has 10 passengers.

There are five to six weekday bus connections with the Archaeological Reserve at Biskupin to/from Żnin (6.50zł, 20 minutes) and to/from Gąsawa (4.10zł, three minutes) but none on weekends. The last bus leaves the museum for Żnin just after 3pm. Buses also run between Żnin and Gąsawa every one or two hours weekdays, and several times on Saturday and Sunday (5zł, 15 minutes). If you get stuck at the reserve in Biskupin, walk 2km to Gąsawa and take an evening bus back. Five weekday buses run from Żnin to Gniezno (14zł, last one at 12.15pm), but fewer on weekends. One direct bus goes to/from Poznań daily (16zł, 1½ hours).

A narrow-gauge tourist train operates from May to September, from Żnin to Gąsawa, passing Biskupin on the way (7zł to 10zł, 40 minutes). The Biskupin station is right by the entrance to the reserve. In Żnin, the station is 150m east of the bus station; in Gąsawa it’s 700m southwest of the Rynek on the Gniezno road.