Western Mazovia drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Craft Beer in Łódź

Z Innej Beczki

Tucked away unexpectedly to the side of the crumbling concrete facade of the YMCA, this bar and beer garden feels like a secret hideaway, concealed in the basement of a 19th-century villa. It's one of the city's bes…
Top Choice Club in Łódź

Łódź Kaliska

With its open-door policy, this renowned pub/club attracts a broad cross-section of Łódź society. The unusual decor – stripped-back walls covered in cheeky semi-erotic photos from the bar's namesake group of concept…
Bar in Łódź

Piotrkowska Klub

Easily recognisable by the two-storey, wrought-iron-and-glass drinking area that stands outside the front door, this joint has great views up and down its namesake street. Inside it's more sedate, with wood panellin…
Coffee in Łódź

Brick Coffee Factory

This small but stylish cafe, with massive timber slabs for tables and counters, serves the best coffee on Piotrkowska. There's nitro cold brew on the menu as well as the usual suspects, while the large flat white pa…
Cafe in Płock


Elegant cafe on a lively restaurant strip, serving a range of top-quality cakes and beverages in an interior littered with comfy couches.