Western Mazovia attractions

Top Choice Cemetery in Łódź

Jewish Cemetery

Łódź's Jewish cemetery was founded in 1892 and today is a haunting destination. The largest Jewish graveyard in Europe, it contains around 68,000 surviving memorials, including the huge, domed Poznanski family mauso…
Top Choice Church in Płock


This 12th-century cathedral is topped with a 16th-century Renaissance dome. Its interior boasts a number of tombstones and altarpieces, and polychromatic art nouveau frescoes. The royal chapel holds the sarcophagi o…
Top Choice Museum in Łódź

City Museum of Łódź

Adjacent to the Manufaktura mall, this museum is housed in the impressive palace of 19th-century textile baron Izrael Kalmanowicz Poznański. The opulent apartments are a clear indication of the Poznańskis' wealth, b…
Top Choice Museum in Płock

Mazovian Museum

Two excellent collections in one large museum: on one side there's a stunning array of art nouveau furniture, decorative items, paintings and glassware that attest to Płock's pre-war wealth. Exhibits show the influe…
Top Choice Museum in Łódź

Centre for Science & Technology

Part of the EC1 complex that forms the heart of Łódź's city centre redevelopment plan, this former coal-fired power station (dating from the early 1900s) has been restored and repurposed as an awe-inspiring museum. …
Top Choice Public Art in Łódź

Narodziny Dnia

A courtyard brilliantly covered in the fantastical imaginings of Polish artist Wojciech Siudmak – imps, harlequins and brightly coloured birds.
Top Choice Public Art in Łódź


A crowd-pleasing gaggle of weasels cavort on the side of a building in this moral by ROA.
Park in Western Mazovia

Arkadia Park

With its overgrown ruins, peeling pavilions, temples and follies, the landscaped garden at Arkadia Park is a romantic pagan enclave in a sea of Catholicism. The park was laid out by Princess Helena Radziwiłł in the …
Museum in Western Mazovia

Nieborów Museum

The stunning, late-17th-century Nieborów Palace is a classic example of baroque architecture. It was designed by Tylman van Gameren for Cardinal Radziejowski, the archbishop of Gniezno and primate of Poland. In 1774…
Museum in Western Mazovia

Chopin's Birthplace

The tiny village of Żelazowa Wola (zheh-lah-zo-vah vo-lah), 53km west of Warsaw, is the birthplace of Frédéric Chopin, and the house where he was born on 1 March 1810 has been reconstructed and furnished in period s…