Admittedly, Warsaw is not the best travel destination for infants and small children. Distances are vast and transport options such as trams and buses are often packed and not particularly pram- or child-friendly. On the streets, traffic can be heavy and many corners lack kerb cuts. You’ll find escalators and lifts in metro stations and some central underpasses, but outside the centre you’ll have to negotiate lots of steps.That said, there are plenty of parents with prams in Warsaw, and kids seem to do just fine.

As for sights, there are a handful of crowd-pleasers for young visitors. Topping the list of attractions for the under-12s would be the Copernicus Science Centre, followed by the Zoological Gardens.

Kids young and old will enjoy the illuminated signage in and around the Neon Museum in Praga. Older children might also enjoy the visual and sound effects of the highly interactive Warsaw Rising Museum, though parental guidance is recommended in explaining its dark story.

Parks abound. Łazienki Park has plenty of space to run, plus peacocks to spot, hungry ducks to feed and a boat trip to take, while the Saxon Gardens has a good playground. There are boat trips at Wilanów Park too.

The view from the Palace of Culture & Science is impressive for all ages.

The city's tourist information offices can help out. They offer a colourful, fold-out Free Map for Young Travellers aimed primarily at teens and students, but with some hints for younger travellers as well.