Warsaw in detail


  • Greetings It’s customary to greet people, including shopkeepers, on entering with a friendly 'dzień dobry' (jyen do·bri; good day). On leaving, part with a hearty 'do widzenia' (do vee·dze·nya; goodbye).
  • Religion Treat churches and monasteries with respect and keep conversation to a minimum. It’s always best to wear proper attire, including trousers for men and covered shoulders and longer skirts (no short shorts) for women. Refrain from flash photography and remember to leave a small donation in the box by the door. If visiting a synagogue or a Jewish cemetery, men should cover their heads with a hat or cap.
  • Eating & Drinking When raising a glass, greet your Polish friends with 'na zdrowie' (nah zdroh·vee·ya; cheers)! Before tucking into your food, wish everyone 'smacznegos' (smach·neh·go; bon appetit)! End the meal by saying 'dziękuję' (jyen·koo·ye; thank you).