Museum of the History of Polish Jews Award-winning interactive museum chronicling 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland.

Warsaw Rising Museum An emotive account of the tragic events of the uprising against the 1944 German occupation.

Neon Museum The restoration team here ensure the lights don't go out on iconic Communist-era neon signs.

Chopin Museum Four floors of multimedia exhibits, displays and listening booths honour Poland's most famous composer.

Copernicus Science Centre All branches of science are covered to excite and inspire the great minds of tomorrow.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Museum You don't need to be a scientist to explore the life and works of Nobel Prize–winning Curie.


Palace of Culture & Science Stalin's 'gift' to the Polish people continues to shock and awe.

Royal Castle The magnificent former royal residence has been restored to its former glory.

Old Town Square The painstaking postwar reconstruction of the buildings surrounding the square took five years.

Wilanów Palace This resplendent baroque delight survived both World Wars.

City Hall One of 45 buildings created Italian architect Antonio Corazzi in Warsaw.

Citadel Enormous fortress once used to house (and execute) political prisoners.