Varsovians don’t generally distinguish between places that serve coffee and those that serve alcohol. Most places do both, starting the day pushing caffeine, and ending it selling beer and cocktails. Bars are concentrated around the Old Town, ul Nowy Swiat and south of Al Jerozolimskie. For clubbing check out ul Mazowiecka in the city centre, and ul Ząbkowska in Praga.

Concentrated Drinking

Warsaw’s nightlife is as dispersed as it is diverse, but there are a few central points where bar-hopping doesn’t require taking the bus.

Arguably, the best grouping of nightspots per square metre can be found along ul Mazowiecka, a couple of blocks west of ul Krakowskie Przedmieście.


Room 13


If your taste runs to dive bars and holes in the wall, look no further than the happening district of Praga, across the Vistula. There are several bars and clubs within easy walking distance of each other and enough going on that you could easily spend the whole evening – and the wee hours of the morning – on this side of the river.

Po Drugiej Stronie Lustra

W Oparach Absurdu

Łysy Pingwin

Sen Pszczoły

Coffee & A Good Read

Poles have had a long love affair with literature, but a relatively recent love is coffee. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the cafe-bookshop, thus providing locals with a practical ménage à trois involving these two loves. These intellectual establishments have sprung up across town, offering racks of books alongside coffee, tea and snacks. They’re wonderful places to spend a few hours, dipping into a book or catching the occasional literary event or concert.