Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 200zł

  • Hostel dorm bed: 65zł
  • Meals in milk bars and self-catering: 40zł
  • Train/bus tickets: 30zł

Midrange: 200–450zł

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: 200zł
  • Lunch and dinner in decent restaurants: 80zł
  • Train/bus tickets: 30zł

Top End: More than 450zł

  • Double room in top hotel: 400zł
  • Lunch and dinner in the best restaurants: 100zł
  • Train/bus/taxi: 50zł


Kantors (currency-exchange offices) and ATMs are easy to find around the city centre. There are 24-hour kantors at the Warszawa Centralna train station and either side of the immigration counters at the airport, but exchange rates at these places are about 10% lower than in the city centre. Avoid changing money in the Old Town, where rates can be poor.

Bank Pekao Bank Pekao cashes travellers cheques and has several branches in the city centre; other locations include the Marriott Hotel and Plac Bankowy.

Western Union