Less of a village than a string of houses scattered along the main road, Ustrzyki Górne is the Bieszczady’s premier hiking base.

Since the Bieszczady loop road opened in 1962, the mountains have become more accessible. But this is still remote country and Ustrzyki Górne is a good example: it has a few mostly basic places to stay and eat, a little bit of life around the bus station and car park as you enter the village, and not much else. The village springs to life in summer, then sinks into a deep sleep for most of the rest of the year, stirring only a little in winter when the cross-country skiers arrive.

You can buy hiking maps and some general info from the reception desk at the Hotel Górski. A decent hiking map, with information in English, is ExpressMap's widely available 1:65,000 Bieszczady (15zł). The Bieszczady National Park has a small information centre near the bus stop. There’s a store at the camping ground and a few small shops around the bus stop to buy provisions.