Polish złoty (zł)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 200zł

  • Low-cost guesthouse or hostel dorm bed: 50zł
  • Meals in milk bars and self-catering: 30zł
  • Day pass for local transport: 15zł

Midrange: 200–600zł

  • Room in a midrange hotel or pension: 200–400zł
  • Lunch and dinner in decent restaurants: 80–100zł
  • Museum tickets: 10–30zł

Top End: More than 600zł

  • Double room in a top hotel: 600–800zł
  • Meal in a top restaurant: 200–300zł
  • Opera ticket: 200zł


At flea and tourist gift markets it's an acceptable practice to bargain a little over prices. Elsewhere prices are fixed.


Bank PKO Has an ATM, with others dotted around the centre.