Church in Toruń

Cathedral of SS John the Baptist & John the Evangelist

Toruń’s mammoth Gothic cathedral was begun around 1260 but only completed at the end of the 15th century. Its massive tower houses Poland’s second-largest historic bell, the Tuba Dei (God’s Trumpet). On the southern…
Museum in Toruń

Explorers’ Museum

This is usually the last subdivision of the Regional Museum on visitors’ mental itineraries, which is a shame as it tells an interesting story. It contains artefacts from the amassed collection of seasoned nomad Ton…
Museum in Toruń

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall dates from the 14th century and hasn’t changed much since, though some Renaissance additions lent an ornamental touch to the sober Gothic structure. Today, it houses the main branch of the Toruń Re…
Museum in Toruń

House of Copernicus

While it's not clear if Copernicus was actually born here, this branch of the regional museum is dedicated to the famed astronomer's life and works. More engaging than the exhibitions of period furniture and writing…
Museum in Toruń

House Under the Star

The House Under the Star is a chunk of madly stuccoed architectural confectionery embellishing the Main Square. Inside you’ll discover another outpost of the Regional Museum, this time a small but elegant collection…
Museum in Toruń

Toruń Gingerbread Museum

Not to be confused with the commercial Gingerbread Museum across town, this branch of the Toruń Regional Museum is housed in a former gingerbread factory and looks at the 600-year-long history of the city's favourit…
Museum in Toruń

Gingerbread Museum

Learn about gingerbread’s history and create a spicy concoction of your own under the enlightened instruction of a mock-medieval gingerbread master. All of it takes place in a renovated 16th-century gingerbread fact…
Ruins in Toruń

Teutonic Knights' Castle Ruins

East of the remnants of the Old Town walls are the ruins of the Teutonic Castle, destroyed in 1454 by angry townsfolk protesting against the knights' oppressive regime.
Museum in Toruń

Ethnographic Museum

The thatched cottages in parkland to the north of the city centre aren’t relics from some former age, but belong to this undervisited museum of rural life.
Gallery in Toruń

Wozownia Art Gallery

This small art gallery has changing displays of contemporary art, providing some contrast to the Gothic frenzy outside.