The Radom Plain restaurants

Top Choice Pub Food in Radom


Don't be put off by the 'pub food' label – this is Radom's best restaurant, and they even brew their own (very good) beer on the premises. The menu tends toward simple grilled meats, pastas, salads and a few Polish …
Italian in Radom


This handsome restaurant has something for everyone. The cooking leans toward Mediterranean, but in addition to the usual offerings of pizza and pasta, you’ll find fish, duck, and our favourite: braised pork loin se…
Italian in Radom


This ambitious Italian cafe/restaurant on the main drag offers creative takes on traditional dishes in a casual yet upscale setting. Start with fried chicken livers in a raspberry sauce, and then move on to pasta or…
Fast Food in Radom


We're not taking sides here, but many Poles swear this small window on ul Moniuszki serves Poland's best zapiekanki (oven-baked, open-faced baguettes, slathered in cheese and sauce).