Music in Kazimierz Dolny

Festival of Folk Bands & Singers

This highly acclaimed folk festival takes place in the last week of June. For more than 30 years, performers from the region have gathered at Mały Rynek in traditional garb to perform folk music from eras (and taste…
Theatre in Zamość

Zamość Theatre Summer

The Zamość Theatre Summer, organised by Zamojski Dom Kultury, takes place from mid-June to mid-August, with dramatic open-air performances on the Rynek in front of the town hall.
Film in Kazimierz Dolny

Film & Art Festival

Lasts around a week in early August and consists of musical concerts, art exhibitions, and indoor and outdoor screenings of foreign and national films.
Film in Zamość

Summer Film Festival

Film screenings on the Rynek and at the town’s art cinema, Kino ‘Stylowy’.
Music in Zamość

International Meeting of Jazz Singers

Performances and competitions between jazz singers from the region and far beyond.
Music in Zamość

Jazz on the Borderlands

Zamość is rich in jazz and blues festivals, including Jazz on the Borderlands.
Theatre in Lublin

Festival of European Neighbours

Popular theatre fest involving troupes from neighbouring countries.
Music in Lublin

Codes Festival of Traditional and Avant-Garde Music

Dedicated to fusing archaic and new strains of music.
Dance in Lublin

International Dance Theatres Festival

Attracts modern dance troupes from around Europe.
Music in Lublin

International Folk Music Festival

Draws folk musicians from around the world.