Internet Access

Poland is well wired, and wi-fi (pronounced vee-fee in Polish) is ubiquitous. Most hotels, including pensions and youth hostels, offer it free of charge to guests, though more expensive properties sometimes charge (or offer free wi-fi only in the lobby). Many bars, cafes and restaurants offer free wi-fi (usually marked on the door with the international wi-fi sign). Free public wi-fi is also available in many city centres.

  • Often the most convenient and reliable places to get wi-fi access in a pinch are McDonald's, Starbucks and Costa Coffee restaurants, which offer free wi-fi around the country.
  • Many hotels regrettably are dropping the practice of making a computer terminal available for guests, though some still do, including most hostels. Larger hotels will sometimes have a business centre for guests to use (for a fee).
  • For those without a laptop, there are still a few internet cafes scattered about the larger cities, and most tourist offices have an internet computer for visitors to use.