Getting There & Away

Szklarska Poręba Górna train station is 350m north of the post office, up a steep hill. The bus station is on the other side of the centre, about 450m southeast of the post office between ul Jedności Narodowej and the Kamienna River.

Buses to Jelenia Góra depart at least hourly (7zł, 55 minutes) and there are three daily buses to Wrocław (32zł, three hours). In July and August there are four daily buses to Karpacz (8zł, 55 minutes).

Eight daily trains go to Jelenia Góra (10zł, 50 minutes), while seven trains head to Wrocław (26zł, 3¾ hours); two of these continue to Warsaw (66zł, 10½ hours). Szklarska Poręba also has an international rail connection, with four trains a day crossing the Czech border to Harrachov (6zł, 25 minutes). They then continue to Kořenov, but for this leg you must pay on the train in Czech currency (15Kč, six minutes).