The Mt Szrenica chairlift rises 603m in two stages and deposits you at the top in about 25 minutes; it’s used by skiers and snowboarders to reach five trails and two slopes in season, and by hikers the rest of the year. The lower station is 1km south of the centre, uphill along ul Turystyczna. During the ski season there’s also a second lift in operation, with greater capacity.

There are some attractions in easy walking distance of town. The road to Jelenia Góra winds east in a beautiful valley along the Kamienna River. Some 3km down the road (or along the green trail on the right bank of the river) is the 13m-high Szklarka Waterfall (Wodospad Szklarki). From here the blue trail heads to the mountains and you can follow it to Mt Szrenica in two to three hours.

The road that heads west 4km to the Czech border at Jakuszyce passes rocky cliffs called Ravens’ Rocks (Krucze Skały). About 500m further on, a red trail branches to the left. It’s a 1.5km walk along this trail to Kamieńczyk Waterfall (Wodospad Kamieńczyka), the highest (843m) in the Polish part of the Sudetes. Continue for about 1½ hours along the same trail to get to Mt Szrenica. It’s possible to hike across the border and join the yellow trail heading south to Vosecká in the Czech Republic.

Ask at the tourist office for a list of businesses hiring out bikes and snow-sports gear, as these fluctuate from season to season.