International in Szczecin


For a blast of style in sometimes gritty Szczecin, seek out this little-touted restaurant with its romantically aristocratic decor and long menu of excellent Polish and international dishes prepped and plated by a P…
Polish in Szczecin

Karczma Polska Pod Kogutem

Two giant roosters guarding the entrance set the tone for this rustic barn inserted into the ground floor of a post-WWII tenement and serving traditional Polish food. Its external wooden deck is a great vantage poin…
Indian in Szczecin

Restauracja Bombay

Possibly the last thing you might expect amid Szczecin’s post-Communist cityscape: quality Indian food, including items such as thali meals, served in tasteful surrounds by waiters with impeccable English. It was es…
Bakery in Szczecin

Cafe Koch

There aren't many small businesses here that have over 40 years of history, but since 1972 Koch have been supplying the city with exquisite traditional cakes and pastries. Pass through the (fake) stained-glass entra…
Polish in Szczecin

Restauracja Chata

Charmingly muralled place dishing up hearty Polish fare in faux-rustic timber surroundings, decked out with the odd folksy-looking item. A variety of pierogi and a comprehensive range of Polish soups make tasty star…
Ukrainian in Szczecin


Simple, small place in a new building offering authentically traditional Ukrainian and Lithuanian dishes, Ukrainian beers and Georgian wines amid photos of old Ukraine, ceremonial towels, sunflowers and other Ukrain…
Cafeteria in Szczecin

Bar Mleczny Turysta

With its chequered tile floor, tiny stools bolted down, time-warped menu boards in 1970s plastic lettering and brusque, ladle-wielding dinner ladies, this is the belly-filling milk-bar experience Szczecin style.
Italian in Szczecin


The best Italian in town serves meticulously crafted Apennine fare in a refined ambience to a foodie crowd that definitely prefers pizza without pineapple. The menu is reassuringly short and changes daily.
Cafe in Szczecin

Dom Chleba

If your digs don’t do breakfast, this place will in the form of brain-rousing coffee and monster pastries for a couple of złoty.
Seafood in Szczecin


This budget fish cafeteria has a wide range of piscine dishes to choose from, enjoyed in a clinically funky dining area.