Świnoujście attractions

Top Choice Beach in Świnoujście


One of Poland's best beaches, this stretch of sand curves gently along the coast and is backed by out-of-bounds, protected dunes. So high is the sand banked up that none of the town is visible, lending the beach a w…
Museum in Świnoujście

Museum of Sea Fishery

If you’re keen on stuffed sea life, you’ll be delighted by the static displays of albatrosses, sharks and seals, along with fishing paraphernalia, model boats, amber and a few fish in tanks. On the top floor you'll …
Lighthouse in Świnoujście


The Baltic's highest lighthouse rises 64.8m into the northern sky on the opposite side of the channel to the main town. Dating from 1857, there are 308 exhausting steps to the top but the view up and down the coast …