Świętokrzyski National Park attractions

Monastery in Świętokrzyski National Park

Benedictine Monastery of Holy Cross

This hilltop monastery got its name from the segment of Jesus’ cross that was supposedly kept here. The abbey is at the top of Łysa Góra (595m) – the second-highest peak in the Świętokrzyski range after Łysica (612m…
Church in Świętokrzyski National Park

Holy Cross Church

The Holy Cross Church in the Benedictine Monastery of Holy Cross was rebuilt several times over the years. The present-day church and its mainly neoclassical interior date to the late 18th century. In addition to th…
Museum in Świętokrzyski National Park

Museum of the Holy Cross Ancient Metallurgy

Although it may not look like it, the area around the Świętokrzyski National Park is home to the largest ancient metallurgical centre discovered in Europe to date. This museum was established on the site of primitiv…