Poland in detail

Travel with Children

Poland is a strongly family-oriented place and travelling with children doesn’t create any specific problems.

For general suggestions on how to make a family trip easier, pick up a copy of Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children.


  • Almost all city buses and trams have special areas to accommodate prams and pushchairs.
  • Many restaurants cater for children with play areas, high chairs, and children’s menus (menu dla dzieci or menu dziecięce).
  • Children get discounts on local transport, accommodation and museum admission fees; museums often have child-friendly play areas.
  • Nappies and toddlers' supplies are readily available in pharmacies, corner shops and supermarkets.
  • Most hotels and pensions are child-friendly and can supply cots and high chairs.
  • Child seats are available for rental cars, but should be requested at the time of booking.