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Top Choice Church in Świdnica

Church of Peace

This magnificent timber church was erected between 1656 and 1657, in just 10 months. The builders were not trying to set any records; the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 allowed the Protestants of Silesia to build three…
Square in Świdnica


The Old Town’s market square contains a bit of every architectural style, from baroque to postwar concrete structures, the cumulative effect of rebuilding after successive fires and the damage caused by Austrian, Pr…
Church in Świdnica

Church of SS Stanislaus and Wenceslas

East of the Rynek, this massive Gothic stone building has a facade adorned with four elegant 15th-century doorways and an 18m-high window (the stained glass is not original). The tower, completed in 1565, is 103m hi…
Historic Building in Świdnica

Town Hall

This yellow civic building dates from the 1710s, though its white tower only dates from 2012. The original tower collapsed in 1967, and it took over four decades to find the funds and will to rebuild it. You can wal…
Museum in Świdnica

Old Trades Museum

This institution contains reconstructions of an old tavern – Świdnica was always famous for its beer – along with a pharmacy and shop, and a collection of historic scales and balances.