Top things to do in Suwałki

Top Choice International in Suwałki

Restauracja Rozmarino

Restaurant, bar, social centre, music venue, art gallery, this lively joint is the best thing going in heart of Suwałki. Enjoy good pizza under the atrium, then pop back out to the beer garden for a drink or have a …
Nature Reserve in Suwałki

Suwałki Landscape Park

The Suwałki Landscape Park is a cluster of pristine lakes and rugged hills that's worth a detour. Covering some 63 sq km, the park covers land that was formed in the late Ice Age. The result are dozens of startlingl…
Cemetery in Suwałki


One way to get a flavour of the town's former ethnic mix is to visit the sprawling cemetery about 1km west of the tourist office. It comprises several separate burial grounds for people of different creeds, includin…
Eastern European in Suwałki

U Alika

Enjoy the foods of the region at this humble house on the main drag. Dine amidst antiques and sample Tatar staplers such as hearty soups with dumplings and meaty stews and casseroles. Other dishes are drawn from Pol…
Cafe in Suwałki

Emmi Suwalska Manufaktura

Lively cafe serving a selection of sundaes, cakes and chocolates with tea or coffee. As the name implies, they make their own excellent ice cream, which is reason enough to detour to Suwałki on a summer day.
Music in Suwałki

Blues Festival

More than 300 international blues musicians perform during this big four-day festival. Much of the action at night centres on the Restauracja Rozmarino.