Sudetes Mountains restaurants

Polish in Szklarska Poręba

Restauracja Młyn Łukasza

Its interior has been given the full-on rustic treatment, but this restaurant’s outdoor seating alongside a babbling brook is what makes it special. The reasonably priced menu features pierogi (dumplings), soups and…
Russian in Karpacz

Bistro Aurora

Cosy Russian restaurant and bar that bills itself as a 'minimuseum of Socialist Realism', as the decor features large portraits of communist bigwigs as well as red banners and posters from the era. The slightly mad …
Polish in Jelenia Góra


It's unclear what the metaphor actually is, but the moody interior of this versatile restaurant-cafe-bar is a lovely place to dine. It serves mostly Polish cuisine, with a dash of Italian in the menu, and there are …
Polish in Kłodzko


Distinctively decorated restaurant opposite the monumental Franciscan church on the south side of the Młynówka River. It serves a number of Polish dishes, but our money is on the pizza and pasta choices. There’s als…
Polish in Jelenia Góra

Mała Arkadia

Within a cosy interior that resembles a living room via its floral wallpaper, this attractive restaurant on the main square presents quality Polish dishes. Choices range from pasta to steak, with a surprising number…
Polish in Szklarska Poręba


Relaxed venue with a timber interior and a big outdoor area, opposite the bus station across the river. Metafora serves pizzas along with good Polish cuisine, and has a breakfast menu. It’s also a fine place to have…
Cafeteria in Kłodzko

Bar Małgosia

An old-fashioned joint, Małgosia is basically a simple self-service bar that serves hearty Polish dishes at crazily low prices in a soothing green interior. Just east of the train and bus stations.
Polish in Karpacz

Central Bar 49

An atmospheric cross between a bar and a restaurant, serving up simple but better-than-average Polish dishes such as beetroot soup with croquette and grilled kiełbasa (Polish sausage).
Polish in Kudowa-Zdrój

Cudova Bistro

Overlooking the spa park, this bright contemporary eatery serves a tasty selection of Polish dishes and pizzas. There's a cosy back room for more intimacy. Breakfast is available too.
Polish in Szklarska Poręba


Roomy but mellow restaurant on the main drag, with comfy couch seating and potted plants enlivening the decor. The menu is evenly split between pizzas and pasta, and Polish dishes.