Must see hotels in Sudetes Mountains

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    Hotel Rezydencja

    Housed in an 18th-century hilltop villa in terraced gardens overlooking the centre of Lower Karpacz, this is a stunner of a hotel. Its tastefully…

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    Willa Sanssouci-Dauc

    Located in a lovely buttercup-coloured villa built in 1894, the Sanssouci-Dauc has comfortable, ample rooms and good service. If you’re feeling lucky,…

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    Hotel Fenix

    More convenient for the train station than the centre, the Fenix dates to 1875, and is worth seeking out for its 36 modern, well-maintained rooms, spa and…

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    Casa D'Oro

    Located between the Rynek and the bus and train stations, this small attractive hotel is the handiest accommodation you’ll find in Kłodzko. Its pleasantly…

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    Merkury Centrum

    Occupying a handsome corner townhouse built in 1736, the Merkury is as appealing as it is well located, between the Rynek and the Church of the Exaltation…

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    Samotnia Hostel

    The lakeside refuge at Kocioł Małego Stawu has the best views in the park, but can only be reached on foot (see the website for detailed directions)…

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    Hotel Bella

    If you're in Jelenia Góra primarily for the spa and would like to stay closer to the action, the Bella in nearby Cieplice is a very pleasant option…

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    Hotel Biały Jar

    You can't miss this striking 1920s hotel as you climb Karpacz's main road: gabled, wood-trimmed and substantial, it's one of the town's most notable…

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    Hotel Kryształ

    The Kryształ offers resort-style accommodation in the heart of Szklarska Poręba. The decor in the public areas tends to the chintzy, but the expensively…

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    Hotel Kolorowa

    This affordable hotel opposite the summer sleigh track in Lower Karpacz offers good standards, the all-important sweets on pillows, and some rooms with…

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    Hotel Vivaldi

    A pale-yellow building in the midst of the spruce trees, the Vivaldi is a classy proposition on the winding road up to the chairlift and national park…

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    Hotel Jakuszyce

    This well-established hotel in Jakuszyce – the cross-country skiing centre 8km up the road from Szklarska Poręba – is a perfect base for hitting the 100…

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    Hotel Castle

    Oddly (or logically?) for a town that has so much genuine medieval architecture, the builders of this hotel imagined it as a twee ahistorical 'castle',…

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    Hotel Abis

    Set on spacious grounds on the western edge of Bystrzyca Kłodzka, the 85-bed Abis is an unpretentious, good-value hotel that you shouldn't regret choosing…

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    Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie

    The Kłodzko Spa Company administers two fine old villa sanatoriums in the centre of town, providing an unparalleled variety of rooms. The emphasis is on…

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    Willa Sudety

    This well-placed hotel and recreation centre offers affordable accommodation in an attractive custard-yellow building. There’s table tennis on the…

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    Pensjonat Akacja

    This modernised villa is a family-run business providing excellent accommodation in a quiet spot with plenty of space. Interiors are spic and span with…

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    Odrodzenie Hostel

    The sizeable Odrodzenie Hostel is roughly halfway between Mt Szrenica and Mt Śnieżka. Just near the Czech border, it's an ideal base for walkers exploring…

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    Very central accommodation offering comfortable rooms, a solarium, massage services and a popular cafe/restaurant serving international dishes.

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    Hotel Europa

    For decades the only paid accommodation in Jelenia Góra, this four-storey hotel east of the Rynek is well situated, with huge (if not particularly…