Top Choice Cafeteria in Sopot

Bar Bursztyn

A millennium away from the milk bars of yesteryear, this snazzy canteen with nightclub decor, polite English-speaking staff, free magazines, pagers that let you know when your order is ready, a toy corner and authen…
Top Choice Cafe in Sopot

Błękitny Pudel

This top pub-cafe is a real knick-knack fest with the cobbled interior bedecked in wooden tennis rackets, balalaikas, richly upholstered divans and seemingly everything in between. Choose between the cosy interior a…
Top Choice Seafood in Sopot


One of Poland's best restaurants, foodies flock here to sample chef Artur Moroz's seafood dishes, served in a crisp but basic, pub-like environment. For those who don't like fish, there's always local rabbit and duc…
Pub Food in Sopot

Pub Kinski

The house and birthplace of legendary German actor and psychopath Klaus Kinski has been converted into an offbeat bar-restaurant, with film posters and decadent leather sofas within a cosy, candlelit setting. The ma…
Cafeteria in Sopot

Bar Mleczny Trendy

If you can get past the awful name, you'll find budget fare that is Polish, tasty and filling – plus it's the less glamorous side of the tracks so wholly tourist-free. No old-school bar mleczny, there's coffee and b…
Vegetarian in Sopot

Green Way

One of the few Green Ways to have survived, this modern, meat-free bar mleczny plates up generous portions of budget veggie nosh in no-frills surroundings. The menu features such exotic dishes as mousaka and kofta p…
Kebab in Sopot


Not hard to guess what this places serves up – döner, in a box, in bread, plus baklava and drinks. Great name and popular stop-off for those stumbling or crawling their way to the SKM at 3am.