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The Ślęża massif is surrounded by the 156.4sq-km Ślęża Landscape Park. At the northern foot of Mt Ślęża is the small town of Sobótka, the starting point for a hike to the top. The red route will lead you up the mountain, a hike that should take about two hours. You’ll find two statues called the Bear (Miś) and the Fish (Ryba) on the way, plus a tall TV mast and a 19th-century church at the top.

Coming down, you can take the steeper but faster (1¼ hours) yellow route directly to the PTTK hostel, about 800m west of your starting point. On the road back into town you’ll pass another stone statue, called the Monk (Mnich) but resembling an urn to our untrained eyes.

Sobótka is easily accessible by bus from Wrocław (7zł, 55 minutes, at least hourly) and Świdnica (6zł, 30 minutes, six daily).

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