Top ChoiceGallery in Słupsk

Witkacy Gallery

Opened in 2019 in the renovated White Granary building, the 250-piece collection of portraits by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (1885–1939), aka Witkacy, are the unrivalled highlight of Słupsk's museum. Witkacy was...

Top ChoiceInternational in Słupsk


That Słupsk has one of Poland's best restaurants may come as a surprise – that it's buried in the suburbs 2.3km west of the train station is an even bigger shock. Expect flash decor, impeccably laid tables,...

Museum in Słupsk

Museum of Central Pomerania

The Museum of Central Pomerania is housed within Słupsk’s main attraction, a commanding 16th-century castle. Beyond its impressive blocky tower are sacral woodcarvings, historic furniture and other exhibits...

Museum in Słupsk


The building opposite the castle gate is the 14th-century mill, an annex to the museum. Its three floors focus on the folk customs of Pomerania with colourful costumes and chunky kitchenware galore. There's also...

International in Słupsk


Opposite the tourist office in a brightly muralled strip of buildings, this clean-cut bistro serves pizzas, burgers, salads, pastas and light meat dishes, plus Czech and Polish beers and wildly non-Polish fare...

Market in Słupsk

Sunday Flea Market

Each summer Sunday a superb flea market takes place near the castle with everything from commie-era vinyl to Kashubian plates, Dirty Dancing videos in Polish and biographies of Piłsudski laid out on blankets and...

Polish in Słupsk

Bar Mleczny Poranek

Grab a tray and line up for cheap, filling socialist-era fare and glasses of weak kompot (boiled fruit drink) in a semi-institutional dining room complete with obligatory potted plants and strip lighting....

Church in Słupsk

St Mary's Church

Fans of red brick and stained glass should check out this chunky Gothic church with its vibrantly coloured, postwar windows and oddly painted vaulting. Come on Sunday to see what a queue to get into a church...

Cafe in Słupsk


Down a set of steps off busy al Sienkiewicza, Caffeteria Retro is one of the town’s more characterful spots to grab a cuppa joe.

Historic Building in Słupsk

Town Hall

The elaborate Renaissance-Gothic town hall has an impressive main tower, which can be ascended for a full Słupsk panorama.

Historic Building in Słupsk

Witches' Tower

Only three remnants of the 15th-century fortified walls that once encircled the town survive: one of these is the Witches’ Tower, which had a sensational career as a 17th-century jail for women suspected of...

Church in Słupsk

St Hyacinthus' Church

The 15th-century St Hyacinthus’ Church, aka St Jack’s as the tourist signposting would have it, is usually closed, though you can now peek in through a low glass window in the entrance to see the 20th-century...

Gallery in Słupsk

Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art

The main building of Słupsk’s gallery specialises in short-term exhibits of Polish and international artists. Over 30 exhibitions take place here a year so the chances of seeing something interesting are high.