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No less than three bus companies – PKS, Nordexpress and Ramzes (all bus 500) – take turns to do the run to Ustka (7.50zł, 20 minutes, every 20 minutes) from the first bus stop on the right when heading along al Wojska Polskiego from the train station. Tickets are bought from the driver.

Other destinations include the following.

Darłowo 14.30zł, 1½ hours, seven daily

Kluki 10zł, one hour, six daily

Łeba 13zł, 1¾ hours, three daily

Smołdzino 10zł, one hour, six daily


Słupsk has the following train connections.

Gdańsk 30zł, 2¼ hours, at least hourly (direct or change in Gdynia)

Szczecin 54zł, three to 3½ hours, seven daily