Arts & Crafts in Opole


Opole is famed for its porcelain hand-painted with fine floral motifs, and this is where you’ll find the widest selection.
Mall in Wrocław

Galeria Dominikańska

Big shopping mall with a supermarket and hundreds of shops selling everything under the sun.
Food in Wrocław

Hala Targowa

Lively historic market hall selling food, souvenirs and an endless variety of knick-knacks.
Books in Wrocław

Księgarnia Podróżnika

Travel specialist, selling maps and guidebooks.
Mall in Katowice

Galeria Katowicka

Big modern mall attached to the train station.
Books in Wrocław


Big range of books and maps on the Rynek.
Books in Opole


Sells books, maps and magazines.