Top Choice Books in Kraków

Massolit Books & Cafe

Highly atmospheric book emporium selling English-language fiction and nonfiction, both new and secondhand. There’s a cafe area with loads of character, starting among the bookshelves and extending into a moody back …
Top Choice Art in Kraków

Galeria Dyląg

This small private art gallery features modern Polish artists from the 1940s to the 1970s. Look for the Polish drip paintings, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, from the late '50s. Many of the pieces on sale here are …
Top Choice Jewellery in Kraków

Błażko Jewellery Design

The eye-catching creations of designer Grzegorz Błażko are on display in this small gallery and workshop, including his unique range of chequered enamel rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and cufflinks. Most are …
Top Choice Art in Kraków

Galeria Plakatu

Poland has always excelled in the underrated art of making film posters and this amazing shop has the city’s largest and best choice of posters, created by Poland’s most prominent graphic artists.
Arts & Crafts in Kraków


The local branch of a national chain of Polish handcrafts and souvenirs, specialising in leather, lace and various local mementoes. The highlight of a stop here is to view the interior. The metal chandeliers, cabine…
Market in Kraków

Plac Nowy Flea Market

Sometimes called the Jewish Market, this flea market is best on Saturday and Sunday mornings, when it's crammed with stalls selling everything from clothing to comic books. On other days, you'll find scattered table…
Market in Kraków

Hala Targowa

An outdoor flea market, where you’ll find lots of old books with yellowed pages, postcards depicting the Kraków of yesteryear, paintings and icons, and loads of other trash and treasure. Vendors set up here daily bu…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Kraków

Danutta Hand Gallery

What appears to be an ordinary souvenir shop from the street is actually a highly personalised boutique, featuring a range of handicrafts made by local artists and artisans. Everything from the refrigerator magnets …
Market in Warsaw

Hala Mirowska

Despite being converted into a modern supermarket, Hala Mirowska is worth visiting for its architecture alone. The redbrick pavilion of this 19th-century marketplace is in exceptional condition, and there’s still a …
Food & Drinks in Kraków


This tiny deli and packaged food shop on Kazimierz's blossoming ul Mostowa specialises in organic foods, including meats, cheeses, grains and beans of Polish origin. It's a handy shop for picking up picnic provision…