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Getting There & Away

The train and bus stations are next to each other, connected via a pedestrian overpass, about 1.2km southeast of the Rynek.

There’s hourly bus transport to Rzeszów (12zł, 1½ hours). Buses also run to Ustrzyki Dolne (10zł, one hour, 12 daily) and Ustrzyki Górne (15zł, 1½ to 2½ hours, seven daily). Five to six buses run to Cisna (9zł, one hour) and Wetlina (13zł, 1½ to two hours), with additional departures in summer. Several fast buses go directly to Kraków (40zł, three hours), and a smaller number to Warsaw (60zł, four to five hours).

Passenger train service has been scaled back and trains now serve only a handful of destinations, including Rzeszów (22zł, four hours) and Krosno (9zł, 1½ hours), but these are better served by bus.