Rzeszów in detail

Flights & getting there


Rzeszów International Airport is at Jasionka, 10km north of the city. Public buses ferry passengers from the terminal to the centre of town (3.60zł). Taxis cost about 60zł. Regular scheduled flights reach Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Newark and Munich.


The bus station is about 500m north of the Rynek. Buses depart regularly for Tarnów (16zł, 1¼ hours), Sanok (15zł, two hours), Krosno (14zł, 1½ hours), Przemyśl (11zł, 1½ to two hours), Ustrzyki Dolne (21zł, three hours) and Ustrzyki Górne (31zł, 4¼ hours). Buses to Łańcut (3zł, 27 minutes) run frequently and are more convenient than trains, as they stop near the palace.


The train station is north of the centre, about 100m east of the bus station. Trains depart regularly for Przemyśl (19zł, 1¼ to 1½ hours), Tarnów (17zł, 1¼ hours), Kraków (26zł, 1¾ to 2½ hours) and Warsaw (72zł, 5¼ hours).