Checking flights...


Rzeszów International Airport is at Jasionka, 10km north of the city, and accessible by special airport bus L (8zł), which ferries passengers from the arrivals terminal to the train and bus stations. Taxis from the centre cost about 60zł. There are daily flights to Warsaw as well as regular service to Frankfurt, London, Dublin and a handful of other cities. LOT makes bookings and sells tickets.


The bus station is about 500m north of the Rynek. Buses depart roughly every hour for Tarnów (16zł, 1½ hours), Sanok (14zł, 1½ hours), Krosno (12zł, 1½ hours), Przemyśl (15zł, two hours) and Lublin (30zł, 3½ hours). Buses also go to Ustrzyki Dolne (18zł, 2½ hours, five daily) and Ustrzyki Górne (26zł, 3½ hours, three daily). Buses to Łańcut (8zł, 30 minutes) run roughly every half-hour or so and are more convenient than trains, as they stop near the palace.


The train station is north of the centre, about 100m east of the bus station. Trains depart almost hourly for Przemyśl (22zł to 42zł, 1½ hours) and Tarnów (15zł, one hour). A dozen or so daily trains leave for Kraków (25zł, 2½ hours); several go to Warsaw (90zł, five hours).