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Top Choice Bar in Rzeszów

Graciarnia u Plastików

Popular student bar beneath and behind the Rynek that defies easy description. Walk down a flight of steep stairs to find thrift-shop furnishings, old lamps, plaster-of-paris sculptures, caricatures on the wall and …
Cafe in Rzeszów

Hola Lola

Industrial decor, big collaborative tables, third-gen coffees to order – yep, this is where Rzeszów's hipsters cool their heels. In addition to coffee, there are lots of beers and lemonades to choose from. Good wi-f…
Cafe in Rzeszów

Życie jest Pękne

Charming cafe located on the southeastern corner of the main square. It’s got a funky thrift-shop decor and a relaxed, student-friendly atmosphere.