Rzeszów attractions

Top Choice Tunnel in Rzeszów

Underground Tourist Route

Rzeszów’s prime attraction is this 369m-long route that links 25 old cellars; it took 17 years to complete. The cellars date from the 15th to the 20th centuries and are on different levels (the deepest is nearly 10m…
Architecture in Rzeszów

Bernardine Church

Northwest of the Rynek is the Bernardine Church, with its opulent furnishings and decoration. It was built for Ligęza as his mausoleum, and there are eight life-sized alabaster effigies of his family in the si…
Synagogue in Rzeszów

New Town Synagogue

Also called the 'big' synagogue, since it's much larger than the Old Town Synagogue next door. The building dates originally from the early 18th century and was built in a fusion of Renaissance and baroque styles. I…
Synagogue in Rzeszów

Old Town Synagogue

The synagogue dates from the early 17th century and was built in Renaissance style. It was destroyed several times in the Cossack invasions and burnt down again in 1842, but was rebuilt each time. It was partially d…
Museum in Rzeszów

Rzeszów Regional Museum

Housed in a one-time Piarist monastery, complete with frescoed vaulting from the 17th century, the Rzeszów Regional Museum contains Polish paintings from the 18th to the 20th centuries and European art from the 16th…
Monument in Rzeszów

Communist Monument

Rzeszów's overblown 'Monument of the Revolutionary Deed' is impressive indeed and was dedicated to the fight against Nazi Germany. It was designed and erected in the 1970s and has withstood frequent calls over the y…
Historic Building in Rzeszów

Town Hall

The pretty Town Hall occupies the southwest corner of the Rynek. It dates from the 16th century but was wholly remodelled in the 19th century in the current neo-Gothic style. It's closed to the public.
Museum in Rzeszów

Ethnographic Museum

This museum has traditional folk costumes and old woodcarvings from the region on permanent display.