Castle in Przemyśl

Krasiczyn Castle

The late-Renaissance 'castle' at Krasiczyn is more of a stately home – ostentation trumped defensive strength when Italian architect Galeazzo Appiani built it between 1592 and 1618 for the wealthy Krasicki...

Cathedral in Przemyśl

Przemyśl Cathedral

Przemyśl's cathedral lords over the upper (southern) end of the Rynek. There's been a church here since at least the 12th century, but the current manifestation began its life in 1495. The interior is impressive...

Museum in Przemyśl

National Museum of Przemyśl

Przemyśl's impressive modern museum presents well-curated permanent exhibitions on the city's prehistoric and medieval times, its Jewish history and the story of Przemyśl Fortress in WWI (among other themes)....

Museum in Przemyśl

Museum of the History of the City of Przemyśl

Rynek 9, a dignified early 16th-century tenement house on Przemyśl's market square, is the venue for this intriguing and well-curated museum of the city's history. Exhibitions trace both the turbulent and settled...

Church in Przemyśl

Franciscan Church of St Mary Magdalene

This beautifully evocative church, with its enormous pillars dwarfing the three baroque statues at the front, was built between 1754 and 1778 in late-baroque and classical style. The church has a beautiful rococo...

Castle in Przemyśl

Casimir Castle

Built by King Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir III the Great) in the 1340s to guard his kingdom's eastern flank, Przemyśl's castle evolved into a Renaissance building two centuries later when it acquired its four...

Museum in Przemyśl

Museum of Bells & Pipes

This curious museum, housed in an 18th-century baroque clock tower, contains vintage bells as well as elaborately carved wooden and meerschaum pipes and cigar cutters (items that Przemyśl has long been famous for...

Cemetery in Przemyśl

New Jewish Cemetery

The 'new' Jewish cemetery dates from the 19th century. It was devastated during WWII, but some 300 tombstones have been preserved. It's located at the southern end of ul Słowackiego, about 2km south of the centre.

Museum in Przemyśl

Przemyśl Fortress Museum

This modest museum exhibits 19th- and 20th-century photographs, postcards, weapons and commemorative mementos connected with Przemyśl Fortress.

Fortress in Przemyśl

Przemyśl Fortress

Military buffs will want to see the remnants of Austria-Hungary’s Przemyśl Fortress surrounding the town. As these were mostly earth ramparts, however, they are now overgrown and resemble natural rather than...

Historic Building in Przemyśl

Caponier 8813

This scary-looking cement bunker was built by the USSR in 1939 as part of the Molotov Line, along its then-border with Nazi Germany. It saw intense fighting in 1941, after the Germans attacked their former allies...

Synagogue in Przemyśl

New Synagogue

The more important of two synagogues that survived WWII (four existed previously), the New Synagogue was built in the early 20th century. It was used as a horse stable by the Germans during the war, later as a...