Must see attractions in Toruń

  • Old Town Hall

    The Old Town Hall dates from the 14th century and hasn’t changed much since, though some Renaissance additions lent an ornamental touch to the sober…

  • E
    Explorers' Museum

    This is usually the last subdivision of the Regional Museum on visitors’ mental itineraries, which is a shame as it tells an interesting story. It…

  • E
    Eskens' House

    The impressive Gothic House of the Esken family, set behind the cathedral, was converted into a granary in the 19th century. It contains city history…

  • T
    Toruń Gingerbread Museum

    Not to be confused with the commercial Gingerbread Museum across town, this branch of the Toruń Regional Museum is housed in a former gingerbread factory…

  • S
    St Mary's Church

    Toruń’s third great Gothic structure in the Old Town (after the Town Hall and Cathedral) is St Mary’s Church, erected by the Franciscans at the end of the…

  • G
    Gingerbread Museum

    Learn about the history of Toruń gingerbread and create a spicy concoction of your own under the enlightened instruction of a mock-medieval gingerbread…

  • H
    House of Copernicus

    While it's not clear if Copernicus was actually born here, this branch of the Regional Museum is dedicated to the famed astronomer's life and works. More…

  • H
    House Under the Star

    The House Under the Star is a chunk of madly stuccoed architectural confectionery embellishing the Main Square. Inside you’ll discover an outpost of the…

  • E
    Ethnographic Museum

    The thatched cottages in parkland to the north of the city centre aren’t relics from some former age, but belong to this undervisited museum of rural life…

  • F

    West of the town hall, opposite the post office, is an intriguing small fountain built in 1914. Bronze-cast frogs sit on its rim, admiring a statue of a…

  • B
    Bridge Gate

    Part of the old city walls and the last Gothic gate to be built, a 700m-long bridge was constructed here between 1497 and 1500 and survived for over three…

  • S
    Statue of Copernicus

    The square at the Old Town Hall is furnished with a number of interesting items of statuary. A few steps from the town-hall entrance is a statue of…

  • T
    Teutonic Knights' Castle Ruins

    East of the remnants of the Old Town walls are the ruins of the Teutonic Castle, destroyed in 1454 by angry townsfolk protesting against the knights'…

  • B
    Bronze Donkey Statue

    You'll find this bronze donkey statue in the southeast corner of the Rynek. It's actually a copy of a wooden donkey that stood here in medieval times, to…

  • S
    Statue of Dog & Umbrella

    The Dog & Umbrella statue can be found on the Rynek. The dog is Filus who starred in a famous long-running Polish comic strip.

  • W
    Wozownia Art Gallery

    This small art gallery has changing displays of contemporary art, providing some contrast to the Gothic frenzy outside.

  • C
    Crooked Tower

    One of Toruń's most photographed buildings is the crooked tower, whose top and bottom is out of kilter by 1.5m.

  • M
    Monastery Gate

    Hefty, square-set gate built as part of Toruń's medieval defences.