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The Pieniny range is the smallest of ranges in Southern Poland but in the same time probably the most picturesque and spectacular. Within a few hours of undemanding walk you will see the most breathtaking views including, literally, a bird's eye view to the gorge of Dunajec river followed by panorama of the Tatra mountains. You will be shocked how diverse landscapes nature can create on such a small surface. We will drive to Szczawnica where we will cross Dunajec river by oldfashioned ferry and start climbing the Pieniny mountains. At the beginning we have to face the challange of pretty steep climb but we will soon be rewarded with fantastic views from Sokolica mountain. Following the ridge and admiring the views which reveal occasionally, we will finally reach Trzy Korony. This is the most famous peak of the Pieniny and it offers panoramic view literally to all directions of the world. When you already saturate your eyes with this breathtaking view, we will descend to Krościenko.
12 hours