Top Choice Church in Opole

Franciscan Church of the Holy Trinity

This church off the southern corner of the Rynek was built of brick around 1330. It boasts an ornate high altar, an 18th-century organ, and a domed Renaissance chapel in the left-hand aisle, separated by a fine, lat…
Top Choice Tower in Opole

Piast Tower

The only vestige of the castle that once housed Opole's dukes is this 33m-tall sturdy watchtower, with walls 3m thick and foundations 6m deep. Built in the 14th century, the castle was pulled down in the 1920s to ma…
Square in Opole


Though badly damaged during WWII, Opole’s central market square was rebuilt after the conflict. It’s lined with handsome sand-coloured baroque and rococo houses, and populated with pubs and bars. The 64m-high tower …
Museum in Opole

Opole Silesian Museum

Two blocks east of the market square, this museum is housed in a former Jesuit college (1698). The permanent display features the prehistory and history of the city and the surrounding area, and there are always tem…
Church in Opole

Holy Cross Cathedral

Gothic cathedral a short walk north of the Rynek, featuring 73m-high towers and mostly baroque interior furnishing. The lovely bronze gate at the western entrance was erected in 1995 to mark the church’s 700th year.
Church in Opole

St Mary's Church

Now part of the University of Opole, this church is a relic of a former monastery and also spent time as a hospital. It's an interesting mix of architecture, with a baroque interior and a neo-Romanesque facade.
Historic Building in Opole

Town Hall

The centrepiece of Opole’s market square, with a 64m-high tower modelled after that of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The original, dating from 1864, collapsed in 1934, but it was rebuilt in the same style.