Museum in Olsztyn

Museum of Warmia & Masuria

A well-rubbed bronze of Copernicus welcomes you to Olsztyn's massive red-brick 14th-century castle, the most important historic building in town. And it's the Copernicus association that makes this the town's top si…
Museum in Olsztyn

House of the Olsztyn Gazette

The Museum of Warmia & Masuria’s main annexe is housed in the former Gazeta Olsztyńska newspaper building. The Polish paper was famed for its outspoken politics in German Allenstein, so when the Nazis marched in…
Gate in Olsztyn

High Gate

The High Gate, the historic gateway to the Old Town, is the only remainder of the 14th-century city walls.
Church in Olsztyn


This Gothic cathedral dates from the 14th century, though its huge 60m tower was only added in 1596. As in Olsztyn's castle, the most impressive architectural feature is the webbed vaulting in the aisles, reminiscen…
Castle in Olsztyn


This massive red-brick 14th-century castle is the most important historic building in Olsztyn and home to the Museum of Warmia & Masuria.