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On the route from Gdańsk to the spit is Sztutowo, some 30km from the city. Here you’ll find Stutthof, the former extermination camp in which the Nazis disposed of Polish resisters from the beginning of WWII, and which later became part of their Final Solution against Jews. Nowadays it’s a sombre museum presenting exhibitions and documentaries about the German occupation of the region.

Continuing on to the Mierzeja Wiślana, there’s a wealth of natural attractions, including pine forests, giant sand dunes, a cormorant reserve at Kąty Rybackie and places to hire sailboats, yachts and catamarans. Krynica Morska is the major town on the peninsula, with a popular swimming beach, accommodation in old-fashioned villas and a lighthouse open to visitors. You can reach Krynica Morska by bus or car from Gdańsk, or by ferry from Elbląg.

For that all-over Baltic tan, there’s even a nude beach near Piaski, 12km east of Krynica Morska on the far Polish end of the spit. And while you’re enjoying the Mierzeja Wiślana beaches, don’t forget to have a look for fragments of amber on the shore, washed up by storms in spring.

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