Tourist Information in Wigry National Park

Wigry National Park Headquarters

Wigry National Park is easiest to access from the Suwałki–Sejny road, which crosses the northern part of the park. The park headquarters are on this road in Krzywe, which is 5km from Suwałki.The Wigierski Park Narod…
Tourist Information in Łódź

Tourist Information Centre

Provides general tourist information; has a number of worthwhile free booklets in English, including Jewish Landmarks in Łódź, Industrial Architecture and Villas and Palaces. Visitors enjoy free wi-fi access within …
Tourist Information in Narew National Park

Narew National Park Headquarters

In the tiny hamlet of Kurowo in the northwestern section of the park, where the watery labyrinth of channels is most extensive. The helpful staff here provide maps and can advise on walks and hikes. They also rent o…
Tourist Information in Białystok

Tourist Information Point

Located inside the opera house. The gatehouse of the Branicki Palace contains another tourist information point.
Tourist Information in Łowicz

Tourist Information Bureau

Offers many brochures and much good advice, and even maintains clean, reasonably priced accommodation on the floors above.
Tourist Information in Suwałki

Tourist Office

Helpful tourist office one block west of ul Kościuszki, on the western edge of Park Konstytucji 3 Maja.
Tourist Information in Białystok

Tourist Information Point

Located inside the gatehouse of the Branicki Palace. There's another branch at the opera house.
Travel Agency in Łódź

Airport Travel Centre

Specialises in low-cost air travel inside and outside of Poland. Located at Łódź airport.
Tourist Information in Płock

Tourist Information Centre

Provides a wealth of information on the town and its region, and has free internet access.
Tourist Information in Białowieża National Park

National Park Information Centre

Dispensing information from a small wooden hut at the eastern entrance to Palace Park.