Religious in Łowicz

Corpus Christi

This feast in honour of the Holy Eucharist falls on a Thursday in May or June, depending on the date for Easter, and is celebrated with gusto in Łowicz. It is marked by a large procession that circles the main squar…
Performing Arts in Łódź

Four Cultures

Theatre, music, film and visual arts festival held each year in June, celebrating the city's historic role as a meeting place of four cultures: Polish, Jewish, Russian and German.
Dance in Łódź

Łódź Ballet Meetings

Dance and ballet festival that includes both Polish and foreign groups, and runs for two weeks in May every odd-numbered year. Performances are staged in the Grand Theatre.
Photography in Łódź


Held annually from May to June, this is one of Poland's most prominent festivals of photography and visual arts.
Sailing in Augustów

Polish Sailing in Anything Championships

Highly bizarre and entertaining open event for homemade vessels, held on the Netta River.
Theatre in Augustów

Augustów Theatre Summer

Features open-air live performances and movie screenings.