Bus Station in Kielce

Bus Terminal

Kielce is home to what is arguably Poland's coolest bus station – a retro-futuristic, UFO-shaped building that dates from the 1970s. Unfortunately, the station is partially closed and awaiting an uncertain fate. In …
Bus in Lublin

Bus Station

The sprawling and dilapidated main bus terminal is just north of the Old Town, across a busy road from the castle. There's an information booth here. This is also where FlixBus/Polski Bus (…
Bus Station in Częstochowa

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is close to the main train station (both are about 2km east of the monastery) and serves mainly towns in the region including Jędrzejów (14zł, two hours) and Opole (15zł, two hours).
Ferry in Kazimierz Dolny

Car and Passenger Ferry

A small ferry carries cars and passengers across the river to Janowiec, departing from a small landing at the very end of ul Krakowska, 1km west of Hotel Spichlerz.
Bus Station in Sandomierz

PKS Bus Terminal

Sandomierz's small bus station is located about 1.5km northwest of the Old Town. There's decent regional service, including daily buses to Kielce, Lublin and
Bus in Kazimierz Dolny


HaloBus runs several daily fast buses to Warsaw (30zł, three hours), or change for the train in Puławy. Check the timetable posted at the PKS bus terminal.
Bus Station in Zamość

Bus Station

The bus station is 2km east of the Old Town. Minibuses line up in front of the station.
Bus in Lublin

Minibus Station

Bus Stop in Kazimierz Dolny

Bus Terminal