Top Choice Armenian in Zamość

Restauracja Muzealna

This is a cut above the typical Rynek offerings in terms of presentation, creating the impression they take their food seriously here, and they do. There’s an elegant cellar restaurant, or eat upstairs on the main s…
Top Choice Polish in Chełm

Restauracja Gęsia Sprawki

This is the only spot in town for excellent Polish food and home cooking in the best sense of the term. Golonka (pork knee) is a house favourite, served with sides of mustard and horseradish, and a big plate of pick…
Polish in Zamość

Bar Asia

For fast and filling soup/dumplings/cabbage-style food, head to this old-style, self-serve milk bar.
Polish in Zamość


The Rynek is brimming with choice when it comes to pizzas, coffees and square-side dining. Bohema is one of the better options, with good home-cooked Polish food (try the ‘mixed pierogi’ set, with 12 dumplings, incl…
Polish in Zamość

Corner Pub

This cosy Irish pub is the place to head in the evening for excellent regional Polish cooking, plus treats such as Irish sausages, and fish and chips (as well several types of pizza). There are a few garden tables i…
Polish in Lublin

Złoty Osioł

Złoty Osioł offers traditional ambience and extraordinarily good-value traditional meals. There are delicious fish dishes, slightly bizarre drink selections (like hot dry wine with jelly), and daily meal sets for th…
Polish in Kazimierz Dolny

Piekarnia Sarzyński

The Sarzyński bakery and restaurant complex has something for everyone. Get in line to buy a fresh-baked bread-dough rooster or some ice cream, or wander into the fancier restaurant for very skillfully prepared gril…
Polish in Kazimierz Dolny

Restauracja Kwadrans

The Kwadrans is a surprisingly elegant space, with high ceilings, shiny parquet flooring, and antique clocks on the walls. The menu is standard fare for these parts, with baked duck, pork chops and relative rarities…
Polish in Sandomierz

Restauracja Trzydziestka ‘30’

This Rynek favourite offers a welcome, simple menu of meat dishes made from chicken, pork and beef, with sides of rice, potatoes or buckwheat groats.
Polish in Chełm

McKenzee Saloon

This popular and fun Western-style saloon is oddly housed in the town's former synagogue. There's ample bar food, decent Polish cooking, and lots of beer, all served under the tarp of a wagon. This is the place to c…