Krakow - The Changing Faces of the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter Private Tour

Private & Custom Tours in Kraków
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Tour description

Give yourself over to the bohemian charm of Krakow’s beloved Kazimierz district and get a firsthand look at why the vibrant neighbourhood is a favourite among locals and an essential part of the Krakow experience. On this private tour, you’ll eat, shop, and explore your way through the day, learning about the Jewish history of Krakow as you go.

Immerse yourself in Kazimierz, the most local and beloved district in Krakow. This is the former Jewish quarter of Krakow, where every single home and building has its own fascinating story to tell — stories that we’ll discover as we explore, eat, drink, and mingle with locals. This tour will blend Krakow’s past and present in a way that showcases how the city’s history helped to shape the Krakow you see today. We’ll wind our way along narrow, hidden laneways, through the most important streets and squares of Kazimierz, where you’ll see just how seamlessly the present blends with the past. Curious about what we mean? Imagine a square, which once housed a kosher slaughterhouse, that’s where you’ll now find one of the best spots to get a favourite local snack in Krakow, zapiekanka, an open-face sandwich stuffed with cheese and sautéed mushrooms. It’s a unique neighbourhood where the old and new coexist, where art galleries and cafes share equal space with monuments of Jewish culture. This is also the neighbourhood in which portions of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List was filmed. As we walk you’ll get an even better sense of how well this bohemian district can feel both modern and historic all at once. Synagogues and cultural centres stand side-by-side with charming bars and restaurants, while Jewish original inscriptions meet with modern murals, and kosher, traditional food can be found alongside Indian or Mexican food trucks. You’ll see it all, with a local guide who has a true passion for Krakow, and who can take you to the places you might not find on your own, the places hidden down narrow streets or around easily overlooked corners.  Along the way, we’ll break for lunch at a local restaurant that’s not easy to spot unless you know where to look — this won’t be somewhere in the pages of your guidebook. Amidst all your sightseeing, you’ll get the chance to explore some local markets and small workshops where you’ll find locals hard at work. We’ll talk with them to learn more about their various crafts and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even practice your Polish as you shop for a locally made souvenir or two. By the end of the day you’ll have learned more about the city of Krakow, its people, its past, and its vibrant present.

What's included

  • Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • Coffee and/or Tea
  • Alcoholic Beverages

What's not included

  • Additional food and drinks, souvenirs and personal shopping, tips/gratuities for your guide.