Museum in Lublin

Lublin Castle

Lublin’s royal castle dates from the 12th and 13th centuries, though it's been rebuilt many times over the years. It was here in 1569 that the union with Lithuania was signed. The castle is home to both the Lublin M…
Historic Site in Lublin


Four kilometres southeast of the centre of Lublin is the German-Nazi Majdanek extermination camp, where tens of thousands of people, mainly Jews, were murdered during WWII. The Germans went to no effort to conceal M…
Cemetery in Lublin

Old Jewish Cemetery

The old Jewish cemetery, established in 1541, has 30-odd readable tombstones, including the oldest Jewish tombstone in Poland in its original location. The graveyard is on a hill between ul Sienna and ul Kalinowszcz…
Church in Lublin

Dominican Priory

Originally a Gothic complex founded by King Kazimierz III Wielki in 1342, the Dominican Priority was rebuilt in Renaissance style after it was ravaged by fire in 1575. Two historic highlights inside the church are t…
Church in Lublin

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

This former Jesuit church dates from the 16th century and is the largest in Lublin. There are many impressive details to behold, including the baroque trompe l'oeil frescos (the work of Moravian artist Józef Majer) …
Museum in Lublin

Kraków Gate

The only significant surviving remnant of the fortified walls that once surrounded the Old Town is the 14th-century Gothic-style Kraków Gate. It was conceived during the reign of Kazimierz III Wielki following the M…
Cemetery in Lublin

New Jewish Cemetery

The new Jewish Cemetery, founded in 1829, is the resting place of 52,000 Jews; Jews were buried here until 1942. The cemetery was destroyed by the Germans during WWII (who used tombstones in the construction of part…
Museum in Lublin

Lublin Village Museum

The well-designed skansen, 5km west of the centre on the Warsaw road, covers an undulating terrain of 25 hectares. Appearing as a traditional village of numerous buildings with fully equipped interiors, there is a f…
Tower in Lublin

Trinitarian Tower

For an expansive view of the Old Town, climb to the top of Trinitarian Tower (1819), which houses the underrated Archdiocesan Museum. The chaotic layout of artworks in hidden nooks and crannies, combined with the la…
Historic Site in Lublin

Grodzka Gate

This gate leads from the castle area into the Old Town and was traditionally referred to as the 'Jewish' gate, since until WWII it also connected the main Jewish quarter to the Old Town.