Top things to do in Łowicz

Park in Łowicz

Arkadia Park

With its overgrown ruins, peeling pavilions, temples and follies, the landscaped garden at Arkadia Park is a romantic pagan enclave in a sea of Catholicism. The park was laid out by Princess Helena Radziwiłł in the …
Museum in Łowicz

Nieborów Museum

Located on the main Łowicz–Skierniewice road (No 70), Nieborów's stunning, late-17th-century palace is a classic example of baroque architecture. It was designed by Tylman van Gameren for Cardinal Radziejowski, the …
Museum in Łowicz

Łowicz Museum

Museum housed in a 17th-century missionary college designed by Dutch architect Tylman van Gameren; its highlight is the former priests' chapel, with its fading baroque frescoes (1695) by Italian artist Michelangelo …
Religious in Łowicz

Corpus Christi

This feast in honour of the Holy Eucharist falls on a Thursday in May or June, depending on the date for Easter, and is celebrated with gusto in Łowicz. It is marked by a large procession that circles the main squar…
Polish in Łowicz


Most attractive restaurant in town, cooking up a variety of Polish dishes in a restored 18th-century building. Treat yourself to the one non-Polish dish on the menu, Chicken Provençal, served in memory of Napoleon's…
Church in Łowicz

Łowicz Cathedral

Originally Gothic, this vast 15th-century building underwent several renovations and is now a mishmash of styles, including Renaissance, baroque and rococo. Twelve archbishops of Gniezno and primates of Poland are b…
Church in Łowicz

Piarists' Church

Near Łowicz's grand cathedral is this similarly impressive church. It's a baroque marvel which can be viewed during mass times, generally 7am and 5.30pm on weekdays and several times during the day on Sundays.
Cafe in Łowicz

Café Bordo

Good coffee and cakes are served at this family cafe on the main square, with a small but pleasant outdoor seating area.