Cafe in Toruń

Cafe Molus

This stylish cafe fulfils the desires of the sweet-toothed and caffeine-cravers under broken Gothic arches, painted ceilings and some of the chunkiest beamery you’ve ever seen. The highlight here is the secluded Ren…
Brewery in Toruń

Jan Olbracht

Take a seat in an egg-shaped indoor booth or at the street-side mini beer garden to sip some of this microbrewery's unusual beers. These include pils, wheat beer, a special ale and, this being Toruń, gingerbread bee…
Cafe in Toruń


Try a gingerbread-flavoured coffee (kawa po Toruńsku) and a hefty wedge of cheesecake at this unassuming and very aromatic caffeine stop littered with odd tables and a jumble of chairs. Over 100 different kinds of t…
Cafe in Toruń

Kona Coast Cafe

Claims to be the only cafe in town that roasts their own beans. The coffee is decent as is the homemade lemonade, chai and various cold drinks. There's also a light-meal menu.
Club in Toruń

Toruńska Piwnica Artystyczna

Multi-tasking bar-cafe where you can enjoy live football, DJ parties, jam sessions, 30+ dance nights or just an afternoon beer and pizza.